in Trouble

Have you ever heard of the website name It is a clone of the website Craigslist and they’ve been in the news lately. It seems that these classified sites are very prone to being abused by people who want to make a quick buck including those that want to do illegal stuff.  Just the other day a prostitution ring was caught trafficking in underage girls. This was in Broome County, New York. It seems that the cops are also catching on the these ads shown places like They set up the sting operations that catch these knuckleheads red-handed.


In Cobb County Georgia the police arrested a 25-year-old guy who had been robbing and sexually assaulting women that he contacted on He would arrange for meeting in an occupied house or apartment and then rob and sexually assault them. In another instance Washington DC cops are setting up a sting operation for shutting down prostitution solicited through The police arrested two women at the Embassy suites Hotel on 10th St. who had been contacted via the website.


Some website owners have challenged to clean up its act by being more proactive about selecting the list ads.  The owner of the site feels that you can make your site safer by screening manually and automatically before you list a ad. You can also go a long way in stopping this type of activity by refusing all adult and erotic ads. This is probably a good move because if you take those types of ads off the site it will be highly unlikely that human trafficking can be successful.


The guys that use these types of sites for this type of activity would probably not be so happy. The Internet has made it so easy to do things that in the past put a lot more effort to get accomplished. One of them is soliciting for sex. It is so easy today these websites make it much easier.